Sketching with Code

A place to make and do

We’ve banned the word “creative”. Lucy and I have spent time thinking through the proposition that is Eigg Box and I’ve set her a challenge to talk about what it is but not to use that word to describe it or the people who might go there.

It is proving easier than I thought. The phrase “a place to make and do” is actually much more interesting, and implies both the building, the island, and a mental state you can get into with the isolation that Eigg provides; and also the types of activities and people that might find it attractive - makers and doers, no matter the discipline, artform or industry.

It’s always an important thing to do, at an early stage of any project, to work out the one sentence description, so we’ve been trying the phrase out with the people that we meet. “So what’s Eigg Box?” “It’s a place to make and do on the Isle of Eigg in Scotland”.

Saying it out loud helps you think it through more, refine the pitch and ensure it makes sense and that it feels authentic - if you spot yourself wincing whilst giving your elevator pitch then you know you’re either working on the wrong thing (I’ve been there!) or it’s not lined up with what you’re really doing.

What’s nice with “a place to make and do” is that it’s light-hearted, reflective of the idea’s simplicity, sounds great in a Scottish accent (!) and makes you half smile whilst saying it.

It’s quite interesting how useful just these conversations and simple phrases are actually just as useful as outcomes as the hacks we’ve been making. Perhaps more-so.